Where Are you?

Locate your friends when at events/festivals

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Where Are You?

The new social media app for people at large venue events, music festivals and public rallies.

The app is currently being developed but in the meantime our support page is online here

Basic use

The application presents you a list of the Facebook events you are attending and a list of those also attending.

You can select friends who you want to know where you are during the event and for those that do the same you can view their locations on a map to help you locate them.

Other Features (available in future versions)

Share events photos with your selected friends from either your camera or photo album. 


Privacy policy

The application sends certain information to a secure (Amazon web services) location as an integral part of it’s operation. The information includes your Facebook id (not name, just the internal numeric number) and the id’s of everyone you have allowed or not allowed to view our tracking information.

If you are allowing tracking then WHEN (and only when) you are on the tracking screen for an event your current location will be sent and stored. It will be available to anyone also on the same event screen and who allows you to track them AND who you allow to track you. Without this mutuality of settings no-one can see your current location.